Unlocking the door to financial health by giving people the tools to make better economic decisions.

Why We Exist

Underpinned by behavioural finance

Mind Over Money provides programs, workshops and facilitator training to encourage self-reflection, mental reframing, identification of gaps in knowledge, and the platform to acquire the necessary skills.

Individuals are taken on a non-judgemental journey, exploring their thought processes, challenging their beliefs and thoughts about money, and equipping them with tools to make better economic decisions.

To teach financial skills, you must start by meeting the individual where they are. You must consider their beliefs, current ability, and financial behaviour. Doing so provides the opportunity to challenge limiting beliefs, improve self-efficacy and financial ability.

With a UK average household debt of £60,000 and 290 people per day declared insolvent (2021), a focus on finance is essential. Studies show that only 10% of people believe that they are highly knowledgeable about finance. This, paired with other findings that confirm self-efficacy impacts financial capability, is why we use behavioural insights to provide financial services that create change.

Who We Work With


Partnering with organisations to improve economic decision making skills

Mind Over Money works with a range of organisations, including private and charitable companies, to deliver financial and behavioural content to clients, beneficiaries and staff.

Topics include preparing for homeownership, providing a money management framework, and understanding the psychology behind financial decision-making.


Improving access to economic and financial decision making skills training

The skills needed to make good economic decisions is not taught in schools. As a result, many miss out on the opportunity to learn how to navigate the many important choices they must make throughout their lives.

Starting with self-reflection, MiOM take individuals through a process to build confidence, self-efficacy and learn key financial concepts.


What Others Say

"You broke everything down and made it all made sense. Thank you so much for this evening Krystle! you made money far less daunting! - Past workshop attendee

"Thank you so much, I just had feedback from an attendee saying it was unlike any other talk on the subject" - Kei, Creative Champs

"I think that the presenters (AM and PM sessions) were GREAT. The spreadsheets are fantastic and will come in very handy, thank you. Also, the explanation about ALL the things that need to be considered for the business was very helpful. I learned a lot, especially because this area of finance is new to me, even though I'm very organised with money (budgeting and sticking to plans, etc) this is a different level!" - Past workshop attendee

"The financial models shared were great, they calculated everything for you automatically!" - Past workshop attendee

"It was absolutely amazing!"- Past workshop attendee

"My goals, visions, and values weren't aligned before working with MiOM... They far exceeded my expectations, above and beyond! I was about to find out the emotional connection behind my spending and dig deeper into that. They made me feel so comfortable and at ease to not feel embarrassed or scared about my finances!" - Natasha, Mail Online

"MiOM delivers amazing workshops on entrepreneurial finance for our cohorts, including everything from getting your personal finances in order to the tax and legal implications of various legal structures. They make finance accessible, easy to understand, and unintimidating, even for those who worry about it. They are engaging, always on hand to answer questions, and have always gone above and beyond to support our entrepreneurs. MiOM has also worked with the Hatch team to develop critical tools and frameworks to support entrepreneurs to continue to engage with their finances and educate themselves." - Joanne, Hatch Enterprise

"MiOM’s financial education course was easy to navigate and easy to understand. They made the modules a perfect length to digest – concise enough to hold my attention and long enough for me to understand the information provided." - Denise, Course student

Our Services

Facilitator Training

Mind Over Money provides facilitator training for staff members to deliver workshops that encourage self-reflection, teach good decision making, and financial skills.

Speaking Engagements

Our founder Krystle McGilvery is available to deliver a fun and engaging talk about finance, behaviour, and business.


We facilitate workshops to improve financial acumen and economic decision making.


Behaving for Better Finances

This workshop explains the role your mind plays in the economic decisions you make. You are then offered tips and tools to help you make better decisions and build wealth.

Startup Finance

Created for budding business owners, this workshop offers a guide to help understand how to best manage business finances, the new responsibilities and how to overcome limiting beliefs hindering business growth.

A-Z of Generating a Second Income

This workshop is full of suggestions for making a second income, provides a guide on how to choose the best type of work, and how to calculate potential earnings.


We're happy to tailor-make a workshop for you. This can include topics from behaviour and finance.




Upcoming Events



6-Week Money Restart Program

This program is for individuals that need help getting their finances in order for 2022. You'll leave with practical tips on how to start budgeting, save money, tools, and much more.

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