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We support people to make better financial decisions, improve money confidence, and wellbeing.

We all think, feel and value things differently... so, we put the human into finance skills training.Using behavioural science insights, we unlock the door to financial wellbeing by giving people the skills and tools they need to live financially stable lives.

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Mind Over Money reviews, finance workshops
Mind Over Money reviews, finance workshops
Mind Over Money reviews, finance workshops

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Why We Exist

Underpinned by behavioural finance

With a UK average household debt of £60,000 and 290 people per day declared insolvent (2021), a focus on finance is essential.Research shows that self-efficacy impacts financial capability, and only 10% of people believe that they are highly knowledgeable about finance. We use learnings from psychology, finance and economic science to fill the gaps in knowledge and capability.

Our Approach

Adaptation to Needs

We consider the differences of our learners and approach each case ready to curate solutions that are beneficial to all.

The Right Education

We meet the individual where they are, considering their beliefs, current ability, and financial behaviour.

Financial Change

With a focus on transformation, learners leave equipped with the tools and skills required to make improved financial decisions with confidence.

Our Services

We provide a range of off the shelf and tailor-made services for your staff and customers.We also provide training enabling you to deliver finance skills education that encourages self-reflection, awareness and teaches good decision making.

Programs &


Behaviour Change Consultancy

Our Ethos

Holistic Approach

We consider the non-traditional factors impacting financial ability.

Non Judgement & Openness

We treat everyone respectfully and provide all with the space to 'figure things out' in their own time.

Interaction & Play

These open the door to deep learning and thought-provoking exploration.

Who We Work With

Private Organisations

Staff wellbeing is a vital business component incorporating employees personal finances. Financial stress is linked to poor performance, absenteeism and presenteeism, highlighting the importance of financial wellness.We lead our financial education programs with financial wellbeing and mental health, encouraging self-reflection and attention to one's mental state.

Community Organisations

Our work impacts not just the individual receiving the education, but also the wider community. The knowledge received is frequently passed on to friends and family, both actively and passively.We partner with community-focused groups to create tailor-made solutions for the public.


The skills needed to make good economic decisions are not taught in schools. As a result, many miss out on the opportunity to learn how to navigate the many important choices they must make throughout their lives. We regularly facilitate:Private Finance Support
Personal & Business Finance Programs
Workshops & Masterclasses
Live Events
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Founders StartUp Strategy MasterclassJoin us in this masterclass, and learn the important information you need when starting a business.Topics covered include:
Business structure
Roles and responsibilities
How to pay yourself
Using accountants
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Our Workshops

Below are examples of the workshops we deliver

Recovering Your Finances

This workshop is for those recovering from disruptive life events or recent unemployment.We share strategies and guidance on rebuilding financial confidence, building savings, managing money, reducing debt, and improving credit.

Behaving for Better Finances

This workshop explains the role your mind plays in the economic decisions you make.We focus on internal and external factors influencing decision making, how to build good money habits and share strategies to help improve decision making.

Preparing for Your Future

Attendees are guided through the exploration of their want and needs.Attendees are encouraged to consider their current lifestyles and what they may need to change to achieve what they want. They’ll work through the process of creating goals and devise a plan to achieve them.

Beginner Investing

During this workshop, attendees explore the various methods of investing, the importance of compounding and investing early, and diversification.Attendees leave with a better understanding about the world of investing, the importance of being well informed, where to seek further advice and how to begin investing.

Money Management Basics

Attendees learn how to build a financial plan, create an emergency fund, and maximise income.Attendees leave knowing how to manage their finances and increase the money they have at the end of the month.

Startup Finance

This workshop is for aspiring and current business owners.The session provides guidance on how managing business finances, understand the new legal responsibilities and how to overcome limiting beliefs hindering business growth.


We're happy to tailor-make a workshop for you.
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Krystle Mcgilvery, Financial Expert

Krystle McGilvery, Founder

Working for 10+ years within the finance industry has made Krystle acutely aware of the gaps in financial skills training. Krystle is determined to change the approach to financial education so it incorporates psychological considerations facilitating lasting improved financial decision making. Krystle read Financial Mathematics and Behavioural Economic Science at Warwick University.

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