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Humanising Finance
unlock potential

We help people show up with confidence, the right financial skills and a clear head to perform their best.

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There have been so many lightbulb moments!

"It was so worth it, if you can find the money do it! My relationship with money started to change straight after the first session. I've unblocked so many things that I never thought were blocking me."

Lucy, Creative Agency Owner

Mind Over Money targets the root of poor decisions, both in and out of work. We help people address the many factors contributing to poor financial circumstances, stress, and poor business performance.


True behavioural change requires a focus on the individual, taking time to understand where they are and what they believe.

We take a human-centred approach to improved financial capability. By helping people to develop confidence first, we build solutions that improve how people make financial decisions.


Everyone is capable of making good financial decisions for themselves and their businesses; these skills simply need uncovering.

Better understand your employees' financial needs.


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Speaking Images (9).png
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