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For new businesses and startups aiming for sustained profitability, the Financial Clarity Blitz session helps you assess your business's health, envision future success, and acquire actionable strategies to achieve success.

Are you looking for...

Financial Health Check

💡Learn where your business is thriving and where profit-maximising  opportunities lie!

Profit Planning

💡Reduce uncertainty with a profit plan showing you when you will make money and how much.

Cash Security

💡Rest and relax, assured that you will have enough money in the bank to pay bills and invest in your business.

Your Dedicated Day Awaits

Welcome to the Financial Clarity Blitz, an exclusive day dedicated to new and small business owners like you. Gain control of your business's financial direction and leave with clarity, boosted confidence, and a detailed roadmap. Past clients have left feeling fully equipped with all they need to make smart financial decisions.

This deep dive session is relaxed and easy to follow. We prioritise clear communication, reflection and actionable steps to empower you.

✨ Plus, anticipate a fun-filled session, and perfect alignment with your business goals!

Your Financial Clarity Blitz

✨ Pre-Strategy Day Prep

We start by getting clear on what you aim for your business to achieve and the challenges it faces. You will complete an online assessment, allowing us collate the information needed to complete a health check for your business.

✨ On the Day!

We'll begin with a detailed discussion about your business health check. We will build a plan to show how much your business will make and get clear about the cash within the business for the coming three months. This session also includes a review of your accounting and financial management, and we end it by summarising your next steps.

✨ Once the Day Ends

You'll get a summary pack with useful information to support you on your business journey, plus access to the Planning for Profit and Planning for Cash series, guiding you on how to maintain the tools built.

The Final Touches to Ensure You Succeed!

For three months following the live day, you'll receive ongoing support to ensure your strategies are effectively implemented. This includes:


  • Monthly Support: Access to our community, including weekly coworking sessions to help you stay accountable.

  • Growth Accountability: Three-month access to our monthly business review and planning session to reflect and adjust your strategy.

  • Specialised Financial Education: Providing access to tailored financial knowledge and training materials.

Hear The Joy in Their Voices

"She made me feel really at ease and prevented me from being overwhelmed in a topic area I know little about. Her guidance was invaluable and I recommend her to anyone looking for advice, whether you are just starting out or have years of experience already." - UK Based, Business Owner

Invest just £499

Meet Your Business Adviser

Krystle McGilvery B&W.png

Hey there! I'm Krystle McGilvery, the person behind Mind Over Money. I'm super excited about blending my love for finance and behavioural psychology to help people like you get the best out of your business and personal finances. With over 15 years in the game, I've got a bunch of experience and some pretty cool qualifications – I'm a CIMA Chartered Accountant, a CBT Coach and an ILM Mentor.

My thing is creating solutions that are just right for you, helping you make smarter financial decisions and feel really good about them. I mix my finance know-how with insights into how we think and behave, which has got me some amazing recognition, like a Great British Businesswoman Award in 2022 and being named one of the INvolve Heroes 100 Future Leaders Role Models in the same year!

But it's not all about awards and titles. I'm also super passionate about giving back. I'm the Director of some fantastic charities like Abianda and Maths on Toast, and a Board Director of Thriveologie. You might have even heard some of my thoughts on ITV or BBC Radio, or read them in the Telegraph. I also draw, do a bit of improv acting and have a podcast!

Most importantly, I'm here to help you. Whether it's getting your business finances on track or just feeling more confident about your money decisions, I'm all in. Let's make your financial journey an awesome one!

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