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Closing the Gap between people and the numbers

Business finance decision-making can be intimidating for both mid-managers and new founders alike.

Mid-management and founders are often tasked with making performance-sensitive decisions but are not aware of the influence that their psychological state and biases have on the outcome.


We provide training and workshops that debias the judgement and decision-making process, resulting in improved business performance.


See a selection of our workshops below.

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Reducing the impact of 5 common biases

During this workshop, attendees explore the ways five common biases may show during a working day. Attendees work through the process of identifying their own biases and building strategies to help avoid them.

A 10-point guide to making good strategic decisions

This workshop covers ten habits decision-makers can adopt to help reduce the unconscious factors influencing them to make sub-optimal choices.


Building confidence with a financial forecast

Attendees explore the benefits of building a financial forecast, including planning for future profit, preparing for sales dips, and capitalising on opportunities. Attendees start the process of building their own financial forecasts during the session.

Reducing risk with cash management

This workshop provides attendees with insight into the benefits of a cash flow forecast, how it can help increase the cash within the business, and how to use it to their advantage.

Systemise the process of identifying opportunities

During this workshop, attendees are taken through a framework that provides a strategic approach to discerning the best opportunities to pursue.

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What Other Clients Say

Employee, workshop attendee

The speaker was SO energetic and charismatic. He was super knowledgeable and explained things really well and in details but without being patronising or overwhelming. 
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Service User, workshop attendee

The presenters were great, the spreadsheets fantastic and have come in very handy. I learned a lot especially as this area of finance is very new to me.
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Jade, Head of Marketing Ops & Demand

Firstly a HUGE thank you for your time... the hybrid concept worked really well and we had some amazing feedback!
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