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Business Mentoring

The non-finance founders' guide to finance

This three-month programme helps confused, cautious, clumsy, but ambitious founders thrive financially. This finance programme has been created to support business owners to tidy up their finances, map out a path to increased revenue, and optimise operations.

Ideally suited to founders who are in the early stages of starting a business, we focus on increasing profits, launching (if new), and creating significant transformation within three months.


We start by clarifying the business you want to build, what it looks like and the gaps to be filled.


We dig deep and untangle the internal and external frictions, limitations and barriers preventing business progression.


During this phase, we design a business strategy and formulate a detailed action plan with clear milestones.


With the support of regular check-ins, you are guided and championed through the execution of the business roadmap.

We Are A Great Fit, If...

You have been thinking about starting a business for some time now, but have not taken action out of fear, procrastination, or lack of support. Or maybe you are already in business but are not happy and want to supercharge what you have already started. Finally, maybe you lack business or financial expertise, access to networks, and general support.

We Are Not A Great Fit, If You Are...

  • Looking to get rich quick

  • Unsure whether you want to start a business

  • Not bothered about improving your business

  • Expecting someone else to do all the work for you



Patricia Davies, Coach

By working with us, she went from charging £1,000 per service to a minimum of £5,000. Patricia was able to level up her business model through the identification of the most profitable areas, revise her pricing and refocus her time and efforts.


Melinda Rose, Mentor

Through our work together, Melinda began mentoring clients, bringing in an extra £2,000 in the second month. She overcame the fear of offering her mentoring services and was able to set up internal systems to automate the client process.


Advertising Agency

They were able to identify and reduce inefficiencies within the internal operations of the studio department. This allowed them to bill clients an additional £10,000 per month, improving the profitability of the department, and overall business.

- Your Mentor - 

Krystle McGilvery

Krystle McGilvery Headshot 3mb.jpg

Krystle McGilvery is the Founder of Mind Over Money, Podcaster, Coach and Mentor. She has won several awards, including the Great British Businesswoman Award 2022 and Top 100 Women INvolve Yahoo Future Leaders 2022. Krystle combines business, finance and psychology expertise and experience to improve financial decision-making, confidence and wellbeing. She has worked with individuals and organisations such as Equifax, Moonpig, Boots No7 and AllBright. She has also appeared on ITV, featured in several papers such as the Daily Telegraph, as well as appearing on The Female Lead, Refinery29 and BBC Radio. Krystle is a qualified CIMA Chartered Accountant and has worked with companies in the technology and creative space for over 15 years, managing the finances of billion-pound businesses. She is a neurodivergent, a Mental Health First Aider, a CBT Coach and has a Masters in Behavioural and Economic Science and Bachelor's in Financial Mathematics. Krystle now spends her time providing mentoring, sitting as a Board Director and working as the Founder of Mind Over Money.

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