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Finance + Behavioural Change 

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Having access to the right financial skills and education is an important part of improving financial decision-making.


Of more importance, however, is providing support in a way that truly engages people to change their behaviour, and interact with the solutions provided.

To truly unlock potential, and improve productivity and performance, you must remove any friction that exists. We work with organisations to develop interventions that encourage improved financial decisions, and use debiasing techniques, skills training, and education to bring out the best in people.

Please get in touch to learn more about the solutions available to you.

What Other Clients Say

Employee, workshop attendee

The speaker was SO energetic and charismatic. He was super knowledgeable and explained things really well and in details but without being patronising or overwhelming. 
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Service User, workshop attendee

The presenters were great, the spreadsheets fantastic and have come in very handy. I learned a lot especially as this area of finance is very new to me.
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Jade, Head of Marketing Ops & Demand

Firstly a HUGE thank you for your time... the hybrid concept worked really well and we had some amazing feedback!
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