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Financial Resilience Intensive

In just one day, we'll guide you, the established solopreneur, through a comprehensive journey, covering everything from setting clear goals and optimising finances to boosting revenue and ensuring long-term success.

Are you looking for...

Business Clarity

💡Analyse your past performance and identify your most profitable services and the missed opportunities that you can take advantage of to improve performance!

Increased Profits

💡Address operational inefficiency and identify cost savings and revenue growth opportunities to build a financial plan for the coming 12 to 36 months.

Growth Strategy

💡Detail your strategic plan for enhancing profitability, making efficient, unbiased financial decisions and monitoring performance to help you stay on track.

Your Dedicated Day Awaits

This intensive, outcome-driven day is for you, the service-based business owner. Best suited for businesses that have been operating for at least 18 months and are generating a profit. Gain financial control, and clarity of where you are and where you are going. You will leave the day clear, confident and with a detailed plan of what to focus on. Past clients end up increasing prices and securing new clients immediately!

The day is structured to leave you feeling at peace about the future outlook of your business. We prioritise the avoidance of finance jargon (its really not necessary), providing space for reflection and digestion, and leaving you with clear steps to implement after we have finished the day.

🎯Six Simple Steps

Step 1 - Tell me as much as you can about your business

Step 2 - We problem-solve the gaps identified together and methods of increasing profit

Step 3 - We review the risks and opportunities available

Step 4 - We assess financial operations, systems, and management

Step 5 - Together we create a financial strategy and profit plan

Step 6 - Receive step-by-step instructions for the rest

✨ By the way... it is a day full of laughter, excitement, visioning and alignment!

Your Financial Intensive

✨ Pre-Strategy Day Prep

We start by getting clear on what you aim for your business to achieve and the challenges it faces. This assessment is key to creating a strategy day that is perfectly suited to your business's unique needs. You'll complete a questionnaire that asks the important questions, allowing us to dive deep.

✨ On the Day!

We'll begin with a detailed analysis to understand your business's strengths and weaknesses, alongside exploring growth opportunities and potential risks. We'll also assess your financial health, focusing on cash and profitability. This includes a review of your business operations and discussions on improving financial management. Lastly, we'll develop tailored strategies to specifically address your business's unique needs.

✨ Once the Day Ends

You'll get a Strategic Roadmap, a clear plan to meet your business goals. This includes a Financial Strategy, an Operational Efficiency Plan to cut costs, and Actionable Recommendations for improved profitability. We'll also work on building your business's financial strength, making sure your business has a strong financial foundation, helping you feel more confident in making financial decisions.

The Final Touches to Ensure You Succeed!

For a month following the live day, you'll receive ongoing support to ensure your strategies are effectively implemented. This includes:


  • Progress Monitoring: Month support plus, a check-in session after 4 weeks to review how your business is progressing and adjust the strategy as necessary.

  • Specialised Financial Education: Providing access to tailored financial knowledge and training materials.

  • Accountability Support: Weekly coworking sessions and to help you stay on track and accountable for implementing your strategy, as well as three-month access to join our Monthly Review and Revise sessions to assess what has worked and make the adjustments necessary.

Hear the Joy in Their Voices

"She made me feel really at ease and prevented me from being overwhelmed in a topic area I know little about. Her guidance was invaluable and I recommend her to anyone looking for advice, whether you are just starting out or have years of experience already." - UK Based, Business Owner


✅ Business Intensive Day (7 hrs)

✅ Follow Up Session

✅ 4-Weeks Ongoing Private Support

✅ 3-Month Accountability

✅ 3 Monthly Review and Revise Sessions

✅ Full Financial Assessment

✅ Financial Forecast and Plan

✅ Tax Efficiency Review and Guidance

✅ Financial Risk Review

✅ Next Steps and Management Guidance

Meet Your Business Adviser

Krystle McGilvery B&W.png

Hey there! I'm Krystle McGilvery, the person behind Mind Over Money. I'm super excited about blending my love for finance and behavioural psychology to help people like you get the best out of your business and personal finances. With over 15 years in the game, I've got a bunch of experience and some pretty cool qualifications – I'm a CIMA Chartered Accountant, a CBT Coach and an ILM Mentor.

My thing is creating solutions that are just right for you, helping you make smarter financial decisions and feel really good about them. I mix my finance know-how with insights into how we think and behave, which has got me some amazing recognition, like a Great British Businesswoman Award in 2022 and being named one of the INvolve Heroes 100 Future Leaders Role Models in the same year!

But it's not all about awards and titles. I'm also super passionate about giving back. I'm the Director of some fantastic charities like Abianda and Maths on Toast, and a Board Director of Thriveologie. You might have even heard some of my thoughts on ITV or BBC Radio, or read them in the Telegraph. I also draw, do a bit of improv acting and have a podcast!

Most importantly, I'm here to help you. Whether it's getting your business finances on track or just feeling more confident about your money decisions, I'm all in. Let's make your financial journey an awesome one!

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Are You Ready to Get Business Confident?


What is the Financial Resilience Intensive, and who is it for?

The Financial Resilience Intensive is a one-day, comprehensive programme designed for solo business owners. It's best suited for businesses that have been operational for at least 18 months and are already generating a profit. The programme aims to provide financial control and clarity, helping business owners understand their current position and future direction.

What topics are covered in the Financial Resilience Intensive?

Topics include business clarity, increased profits, and growth strategy. The intensive covers analysing past performance, identifying profitable services, addressing operational inefficiencies, cost-saving and revenue growth opportunities, and detailed strategic planning for financial decision-making.

How does the Financial Resilience Intensive work?

The programme follows a six-step process: sharing business details, problem-solving, reviewing risks and opportunities, assessing financial operations and systems, creating a financial strategy and profit plan, and receiving step-by-step instructions for future implementation.

What preparation is required before the session?

Prior to the session, participants complete a questionnaire to clarify their business goals and challenges. This pre-assessment ensures that the strategy day is perfectly suited to each business's unique needs.

What can I expect on the day of the session?

During the day, there will be a detailed analysis of the business's strengths, weaknesses, growth opportunities, and potential risks. The session also includes assessing financial health, discussing improvements in financial management, and developing tailored strategies for the business.

What post-session support is available?

After the session, participants receive a Strategic Roadmap, Financial Strategy, Operational Efficiency Plan, and Actionable Recommendations. Additionally, one month of ongoing support includes progress monitoring, specialised financial education, and weekly coworking sessions. There is also three-month access to Monthly Review and Revise sessions.

How long is the Business Intensive Day, and what does it include?

The Business Intensive Day lasts 7 hours, including a break. It includes a full financial assessment, financial forecast and plan, tax efficiency review and guidance, financial risk review, and clarity on next steps and management.

What does the Follow-Up Session entail?

The Follow-Up Session, occurring four weeks after the intensive, is a check-in to review business progress and adjust the strategy as necessary. It ensures that the strategies are being effectively implemented and allows for any needed revisions.

What is the focus of the 3-Month Accountability and Review Sessions?

Over three months, the focus is on accountability and continual assessment. This includes weekly coworking sessions to stay on track and monthly sessions to assess what has worked and make necessary adjustments.

How can I register for the Financial Resilience Intensive?

Booking details can be found on our website or by contacting our support team at We recommend early registration to secure your spot, as availability is limited.

Let's Go!

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