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Financial Wellbeing

We support you to improve the financial wellbeing of those you care about.

We focus on improving an individual's ability to make better financial decisions and optimise their financial circumstances. As a result, people experience a boost in their confidence, general health, and productivity

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Absenteeism and Presenteeism

60% of presenteeism is due to an unhealthy financial mindset. Presenteeism and absenteeism cost medium-sized businesses £22,000.


Financial Stress and Worry

10% of staff are absent from work due to financial stress. Almost half of UK workers (47%) experienced financial difficulties to some degree.

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Reduced Work Productivity

30% of employees blame financial worries for reduced productivity. It is estimated that the average cost to employers for each day lost due to financial distress to be £192.

The Challenegs We Address

Poor Financial Wellbeing

Poor financial wellbeing affects an individual's ability to perform to the best of their ability, continue with their usual responsibilities, and lead healthy and productive lives. In the workplace, poor financial wellbeing can cause presenteeism, absenteeism, and damaged business performance. Personally, this can cause serious mental health issues, debt problems, stress, and more challeneging for those that are neurodivergent.

Low Financial Skills

The absence of the right financial education can cause individuals to make the wrong financial decisions, affecting both their personal lives and their businesses. In the workplace, limited financial acumen can cause financial oversight as biases lead the decision-making process. In someone's personal life, poor financial skills can cause debt, victims of financial fraud, and negatively impact the family.

Benefits of Our Work

Better use of income

Improved critical thinking

Reduced finance related stress

Improved workplace performance

Improved relationship with money

Reduced debt and financial confusion

Our Solutions:

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Finances ReWired Program

We provide a 5-part financial wellbeing program that supports people, no matter where they are on their financial journey. Through interactive group sessions, employees learn how to build good financial habits, money management skills and tips, the basics of investing, and preparing for their financial future.

Frequently Asked Questions

➖ How is the ReWired Program delivered? We are happy to deliver the sessions virtually or in person. ➖ Who delivered the sessions? The sessions are faciliated by either Krystle, or another finance expert who also holds over ten years finance experience. ➖ Can we record and keep a copy of the event for people who were unable to attend? We are happy to provide the recording for viewing for up to one month.

Please contact us to learn more.

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Bespoke Workshops

We also offer the ability to book one-off workshops to support people. Check our Workshops page to find out more.

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The Needs of your Organisation

We take a holistic approach to improved financial capability. We focus on improving confidence, financial wellbeing, and work performance. Our work facilitates the reduction of absenteeism, HR inquiries and improves talent acquisition and retention. We provide equitable solutions, supporting for those with different and neurodiverse learning styles.

What Other Clients Say

Employee, workshop attendee

The speaker was SO energetic and charismatic. He was super knowledgeable and explained things really well and in details but without being patronising or overwhelming. 
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Service User, workshop attendee

The presenters were great, the spreadsheets fantastic and have come in very handy. I learned a lot especially as this area of finance is very new to me.
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Head of Marketing Ops & Demand

Firstly a HUGE thank you for your time... the hybrid concept worked really well and we had some amazing feedback!
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