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The Flourishing Finance Accelerator

Are you financially stressed, stuck and struggling?


Finance coaching is a powerful tool to help you build confidence, develop life-changing skills and restructure your finances to create the life/business you want.


During the Flourishing Finance Accelerator, you will be guided through an eight- or 12-week framework, learning about the many tools, systems and strategies to help you win at money. You’ll peel back your limiting money beliefs, learn how to systemise your money management and invest, keep more money in the bank, and make sound financial decisions.


Let’s see if the FFA is suitable for you.

>> Does this sound like you? << 

Confused about what you should be doing with your money

Feel like you never have enough at the end of the month

Avoiding the financial aspects of your life

Confused about financial products and wording

Unsure of how to make more money

Are you a founder?

Stressed about managing the money in your business

Not making as much profit/revenue as you’d like

Feel your business finances are a complete mess 

 >> Would you prefer to: <<

Better manage the money flowing in and out of your bank

Clear debt and pay as little interest as possible

Build a realistic strategy to save for the large purchase

Ensure you are contributing enough to retirement 

Learn how to invest in a way that aligns with you

Generate more profit for your business


Then the FFA may be just for you.

There have been so many lightbulb moments!

"It was so worth it, if you can find the money do it! My relationship with money started to change straight after the first session. I've unblocked so many things that I never thought were blocking me."

Lucy, Creative Agency Owner

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Meet Your Coach

Krystle McGilvery

Krystle McGilvery Headshot 3mb.jpg

Krystle McGilvery is the Founder of Mind Over Money, Podcaster, Coach and Mentor. She has won several awards, including the Great British Businesswoman Award 2022 and Top 100 Women INvolve Yahoo Future Leaders 2022. Krystle combines business, finance and psychology expertise and experience to improve financial decision-making, confidence and wellbeing. She has worked with individuals and organisations such as Equifax, Moonpig, Boots No7 and AllBright. She has also appeared on ITV, featured in several papers such as the Daily Telegraph, as well as appearing on The Female Lead, Refinery29 and BBC Radio. Krystle is a qualified CIMA Chartered Accountant and has worked with companies in the technology and creative space for over 15 years, managing the finances of billion-pound businesses. She is a neurodivergent, a Mental Health Advocate, a CBT Coach and has a Masters in Behavioural and Economic Science and Bachelor's in Financial Mathematics. Krystle now spends her time providing mentoring, sitting as a Board Director and working as the Founder of Mind Over Money.

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