Behavioural Change for Better Decision Making

The skills needed to make good financial decisions are not taught in schools and as a result, many miss out on the opportunity to learn how to navigate the many important choices they must make throughout their lives. You may feel as though you need financial guidance and support, be in a difficult situation or be building a business - improved decision-making leads to a more sustainable well balanced life.

Let's not let money worries get in the way of living and thriving, find out how we can help you, below.

The Challenges You May Be Facing

Feeling confused about your money management and overwhelm at the thought of making money decisions

Feeling lost, as though you are drowning in your debt and unsure about how to tackle it

Struggling with bad habits, limiting beliefs and low financial confidence

Unclear business goals preventing you from generating your desired income or fear of charging more

The Support Available

Business People


The Finance RESTARTER (1-1)

A private educational and confidence-building programme. Over the period of five weeks, you will be taken through a mentoring programme tackling psychological limitations, identifying problem areas and building and implementing a plan and new habits.

Group Support - new program pending

A small collaborative programme providing the benefits of economic decision making, mindset work, financial skills training and collective support and learning.




The Founder Focus (1-1)

A private program that includes everything in The Restarter, plus the addition of a business focus. 


The business section of the program sees you working on the business financials. You work on unravelling the business model, identify opportunities to improve profits and improve tax efficiency.

Get in Touch


We regularly hold live workshops, both in-person and online. We cover topics such as:

  • Money management habits made easy

  • Goal setting and planning for the future you

  • A strategy to plan and save for your first home

Join our community, using the link below to hear about the upcoming sessions.

Finance for Those Who Think Differently

Copy of ADHD (3).png

We believe everyone should have access to financial skills training that is tailor-made to how they think and function. We are soon to launch our ADHD & Money solution. 

Please use the link below to hear more about the launch.