Financial Skills & Confidence

The skills needed to make good financial decisions are not taught in schools. As a result, many miss out on the opportunity to learn how to navigate the many important choices they must make throughout their lives.

If you are one of the 20% of people who identify as neurodiverse, learning about and managing your finances may prove to be a challenge for you. We provide support and training to help you feel confident about money and improve your financial situation.

Let's not let money worries get in the way of living and thriving!



A private educational and confidence-building programme. Over the period of five weeks, you will be taken through a 5-part mentoring course. 

  • Step One: Reflect

  • Step Two: Identify

  • Step Three: Implement

  • Step Four: Refine

  • Step Five: Integrate


Finance Workshops

We regularly hold live workshops, both in-person and online. These cover topics such as:

  • How to save for your first home

  • How to build a positive money mindset

  • Improving your finances with ADHD

Join our community, using the link below to hear about the upcoming sessions.

Finance for Those Who Think Differently


The ADHD Finance Programme

We believe everyone should have access to financial skills training that is tailor-made to how they think and function. We are developing a financial skills training programme that has ADHD in mind.

This programme has been curated by a finance expert with ADHD and Dyslexia themselves and over 20 years of financial and education experience.


Business Finance Workshops for Different Thinkers

A large proportion of the self-employed community is diagnosed with ADHD. Many of them, have not had the necessary financial skills training to support them in building their business. We hold business finance workshops, providing support and guidance on how to manage business finances and balance ADHD at the same time.