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A Financial Wellbeing Solution

A Financial Wellbeing Solution

Improve Your Relationship with Money

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A well-balanced and healthy life comes from internal peace and control. For you, this you may mean learning how to build systems that align with how you operate or the skills you need to make good decisions.

Our finances play a significant role in our lives and the relationship we have with it often involves some form of friction. At Mind Over Money, we focus, first, on you. We identify what solutions work best with how you work, and build the skills and knowledge needed for financial stability and confidence.

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Working at home

Feeling confused about money management and overwhelm at the thought of making financial decisions?

Pensive Coffee Time

Unsure of how to make good financial decisions for your business, plan, and maintain profits?

Sipping Coffee Portrait

Struggling to tame unhelpful money habits, limiting beliefs, and tackle low financial confidence?

Serious Stare

Feeling lost about how to manage your debt and build savings at the same time?

We work with people who want to improve their relationship with money and build financial stability. Those who are keen to address poor financial skills and education, negative money beliefs, and thought patterns. We work with neurodiverse people who require support in building systems, and financial confidence and are keen to improve their financial decision-making. We also help established and aspiring founders who want to build efficient businesses, optimise operations, and increase income.

The skills needed to make good financial decisions are not taught in schools and as a result, you may have missed out on learning how to make good financial decisions. You may feel as though you need a full financial overhaul, help building a financial strategy, or giving your finances an overhaul before starting your business. 

The Areas We Focus On

Improving your relationship with money, upping your financial skills, and building a selection of money-smart tools, will improve your financial decisions and lead to a well-balanced financial life. Using a range of assessments, we identify the areas requiring attention and work through various activities to improve them.

We focus our support on three main areas: positive habits and behaviours, cashflow optimisation, and building financial assets. These act as the foundations for stable and sustainable finances.


How We Help You

1-1 Monthly Support

Regular support can provide a range of benefits that help you improve your finance and develop your business, Common outcomes include increased confidence, strategic thinking, financial skills, and business improvement.

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1-1 Strategy Session

If you are seeking one-off support and be given a financial booster, this 1-1 session may be suitable for you. We provide a basic structure covering the key areas that require attention, resources, and signposting to other solutions that will help bolster your financial situaiton.

Our 1-1 Signature Program

For those that prefer to work with someone one-on-one, The Restarter program offers just that. Over the course of 5 live sessions, you will be guided through five key areas to improve your financial situation.

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Self Learning

Online Courses (coming soon)

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If you are happy learning on your own, these educational and confidence-building finance programs are for you.


You will actively work through a series of topics, guiding you through the steps to improve your finances. This includes identifying and changing unhelpful habits, optimising your monthly cashflow, and building wealth for the future. 


We regularly hold live workshops, both in-person and online. We cover topics such as:

  • How to build positive money habits

  • Goal setting and planning for the future you

  • How to save for your first home

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