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Money Mental Health 
Support Training

With the added stress of money problems being very prevalent currently, many people are struggling with mental health problems. Fifty percent of adults who reported that they were behind on energy bills between 14 September 2022 and 8 January 2023 also reported high levels of anxiety (Office for National Statistics). Ten percent of staff are absent from work due to financial stress and almost half of UK workers experience financial difficulties to some degree.

Mental Health Support

As someone who leads teams, or is responsible for the wellbeing of people, mental health is often at the forefront of your work, and supporting others can be hard if you have not been given the training and support to do this effectively. Without the right training, you also run the risk of causing more harm.

We understand the importance of supporting people with their money worries during these times to ensure they do not find themselves in a seriously poor state of mind, and unable to seek the support they need. It is important to offer money mental health support as early as possible. 


We provide money mental health support training to those that work with and support people. Through a CPD-accredited programme, attendees learn about common money worries, how money worries affect mental health, the external and internal factors adding to the problem, and how to provide support.

Being equipped with the skills and tools to support and signpost people who are struggling with their mental health as a result of money problems is a benefit that helps both those receiving the support and the wider community. 


If you are interested in hearing more about this training, please share your details below and we will get in touch.

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