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3 Fresh Ways to Tackle Financial Stress This Mental Health Awareness Week

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As we delve into Mental Health Awareness Week, it's a great time to explore how our financial health impacts our mental wellbeing. Almost one third of adults (31%) in the UK felt anxious in the last month due to their financial situation (Mental Health Foundation, 2023). With stress often spiralling from money matters, let's chat about three innovative approaches to managing financial stress that are not only effective but also enjoyable.

3 Stress Management Techniques

Embracing Minimalism: Less Is More

Have you ever felt overwhelmed just looking at all the stuff you own? Well, you're not alone. The concept of minimalism isn't just about having fewer things - it's about liberating yourself from the unnecessary.

By focusing on what truly matters, you not only clear your space but also your mind, making financial decisions less daunting.

Toni, who managed to declutter her life and finances after adopting minimalism: "Selling off things I didn't need simplified my life and helped me cut down my debt. It was liberating to realise how little I needed to be happy and stress-free."

Ecotherapy: Healing in Nature

Now, let's talk about ecotherapy - yes, it's as cool as it sounds! It's about using nature to restore our mental health.

5 mins of nature reduces stress

Given the focus on movement this year, let's consider an easy physical activity. The act of walking through a green park or tending to a garden can dramatically reduce stress and anxiety. It's about getting back to the roots, quite literally, and finding calm in the chaos of our financial worries. A study by the University of Essex found that just five minutes of nature exposure can begin to significantly reduce stress levels.

Art Therapy: Unleashing Creativity to Navigate Financial Stress

And then there's art therapy, which encourages expressing oneself creatively to manage stress. Whether it’s painting, sculpting or crafting, creating art can be a profound way to release stress and redirect energy from fretting about finances to making something beautiful.

Remi's story is particularly touching. After facing a mountain of medical bills, they turned to painting: "Art was my refuge. Not only did it help me handle my financial stress, but it also turned into a small side business, helping me with extra income."

Time to Implement

You now have three creative and fulfilling ways to tackle the financial stress that too many of us face. Whether it's simplifying your life with minimalism, finding peace in nature with ecotherapy or expressing yourself through art, each approach offers something unique and beneficial.

Why not give one of these methods a try?

This Mental Health Awareness Week, pick one approach and see how it can transform your relationship with money and improve your overall mental health. And remember, it's about taking small steps towards a bigger change.

Mental Health Awareness Week

Resources To Get You Started

For anyone looking to dive deeper into these therapies, check out resources on being more active on the Mental Health website, minimalism by searching YouTube channels, or attend art therapy workshops in your local area. Each step you take is a move towards a healthier, more balanced life.

If you are supporting a friend or loved one who is experiencing financial-related struggles, check out our article 'How to Support Someone...Using Financial Empathy'.

By engaging with these methods, not only can you alleviate financial stress but also enrich your life with new, fulfilling experiences. Let’s make this Mental Health Awareness Week the start of a healthier approach to our finances and our minds.

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