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Interactive Workshops

Our workshops are created to facilitate learning, integration, and confidence building. We have designed a structure that leaves attendees feeling positive and equipped with the tools to implement what they have explored.

Below are a selection of our specialist workshops. We also offer workshops on common topics such as investing, pensions, homeownership, etc.

Discounts are available for charitable organisations.

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Financial Wellbeing Booster (Cost of Living Focus)
A very action-focused workshop covering 15 top tips to provide attendees with easy ways to improve their financial health, and wellbeing.

Holistic Financial Wellbeing
This workshop explores the various factors influencing our financial behaviour and decisions. Attendees leave with newfound confidence about the control they have over their future financial selves and how to build good habits.

Financial Health Review
During this workshop, attendees are guided through the process of assessing their financial health. We provide tips on how to make money management easier, use debt effectively, maintain good credit, save more, and increase their net worth.

Financial Stress Management

The focus of this workshop is to understand how financial stress affects our minds, and body, and can impact our future financial decisions. Attendees learn simple Cognitive Behavioual Therapy techniques (CBT) to manage stress.

Money for Neurodivergent Minds

This workshop provides insight into the unique financial challenges of those that are neurodivergent, guidance on how to best manage one's finances, and signposting to tools to support them.

Financial Planning
Attendees are shown how to build solid financial foundations using a financial planner. Attendees learn how to structure their finances to achieve their financial goals, manage expenses and build habits to support their plans.

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What Other Clients Say

Employee, workshop attendee

The speaker was SO energetic and charismatic. He was super knowledgeable and explained things really well and in details but without being patronising or overwhelming. 
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Service User, workshop attendee

The presenters were great, the spreadsheets fantastic and have come in very handy. I learned a lot especially as this area of finance is very new to me.
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Head of Marketing Ops & Demand

Firstly a HUGE thank you for your time... the hybrid concept worked really well and we had some amazing feedback!
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