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Get To Know Us Better 👋🏽

Mind Over Money are a training and consulting business driven by behavioural science. Our services empower individuals and creative and purpose-led business owners to make confident financial decisions.

Why Us, You Ask?

Mind Over Money blend psychology, behavioural science and financial expertise. Our empathetic tailored approach paves the way for enhanced financial confidence and sound decision-making. By addressing both psychological needs and practical knowledge gaps, we equip individuals with the resources they need to thrive in their personal and business lives.

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What We Do

We provide personalised finance coaching, business mentoring, consultancy and group training to empower individuals and creative and purpose-led business owners to make confident financial decisions. Whether you're struggling with money management, seeking financial confidence or aiming to improve your business performance, we offer a human-centred approach to help you succeed.

A Better World

True financial and behavioural transformation begins by meeting each person where they are and addressing their unique needs. We aim to build a world where secure and safe money relationships are the norm and financial confidence is sky high. By equipping people with the skills and mindset for sound financial decision-making, we are fostering a future where shame and struggle around finances no longer exist.

Our mission is to eradicate financial shame, struggle and avoidance by embedding empathy into every financial interaction. We advocate for secure and safer money relationships and improved consumer financial confidence.

Our Mission

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Our Values

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Openness: We approach each client with an open mind, acknowledging their unique journey while providing personalised, non-judgemental support.

Empathy: We listen deeply and create safe spaces to understand each client's financial challenges and offer guidance that aligns with their goals.

Safety: Our training and coaching focus on creating secure, supportive environments where clients feel free to explore their financial needs and aspirations.

We Have Awesome Clients 🚀

Our team have over 40 years of combined experience in finance and business advisory, psychology, investing, property and education, and have transformed thousands of lives and the trajectory of many organisations.

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