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Who We Are

Small consultancy, big impact.


We're on a mission to break down the barriers that block financial sustainability.


Combining psychology, behavioural economics and financial expertise, we pave the way for enhanced financial confidence and good decision-making. Our method? An empathetic, tailored approach that equips individuals with the resources they need to flourish. True financial and behavioural transformation, we believe, begins by meeting each person where they are, and valuing and addressing their unique needs.


We humanise finance using behavioural psychology, so people can be better with money.

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Our team has over 40 years of combined experience in finance and business advisory, psychology, investing, property and education, and has transformed hundreds of lives and the trajectory of many organisations.

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Specialising in behavioural and economic science, Krystle pairs this with over a decade's experience in the finance sector, notably within the creative and tech industries. A CIMA-qualified chartered accountant and CBT coach, she's reshaping financial capability with an emphasis on individual empowerment and confidence.


Krystle's accolades include being named a 2022 Great British Businesswoman of the Year and a 2022 Yahoo! Finance INvolve Heroes Future Leaders Role Model, with her insights sought by leading media and educational institutions such as ITV and LSE.

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