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Group Training

Giving people the tools they need to thrive.

Actionable, jargon-free, human-centered skills development.

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We Focus on Two Groups 🎯


Common knowledge gaps: how to save, build credit, invest, reduce impulse spending and embrace financial adulting.

We know that access to laser-focused actionable financial education is challenging.

StartUp Founders

Common knowledge gaps: cash management, pricing effectively, negotiating their value and understanding profit.

Most founders lack the finance skills needed to grow their businesses.

Finance Training With a Human Approach

Our workshops and curated programmes include topics to bolster financial confidence and develop practical skills.

🎯 Each includes action-focused live sessions, digital packs with signposting, tips and tricks, worksheets and tools...

leaving attendees feeling positive and equipped with the tools to get started right away!


Financial Fundamentals

Access to the must-knows and how-tos of finance

Participants learn the foundations they need to move forward, whether their requirements are personal-finance-related (e.g. saving or investing) or business-related (e.g. planning, pricing and negotiating).


Targeted information to take them to the next level

Our sessions help participants identify and solve specific challenges. By creating tailored plans and strategies, participants leave equipped to achieve their unique financial goals.

Mastery Toolkit

10x learning with our tailored toolkits


Participants access detailed digital packs filled with templates, guides, calculators and decision-making tools, helping to improve their ongoing financial health.

Masterclasses & Programmes 💡

Our sessions are available online and in-person

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For Millennials

Humanising Finance

Our financial wellbeing solutions do more than just share financial education. We have mastered long-term financial improvement by including:

Financial-confidence-building tactics
Tackling shame, embarrassment and avoidance
Adding humour and cultivating psychological safety

Popular topics include:
✔️ Simple Money Management Techniques for Financial Ease
✔️ Money Management for Neurodivergent Minds
✔️ How to Get Started With Investing Today
✔️ Planning and Saving For Big Life Goals 
✔️ The Six-Step Wealth-Building Financial Health Review

For Founders

From Pricing, to Systems, to Mindset

We facilitate workshops and masterclasses for small business owners, giving them the confidence and tools to start and grow their businesses.


Popular topics include:

✔️ Financial Planning for a Profitable Business

✔️ A Guide to Pricing and Valuing Your Offer

✔️ Mastering the Art and Science of Negotiation

✔️ Storytelling with Finance for Startup Founders

✔️ Save Time and Money With Systems and Processes

✔️ Thrive in Business as a Neurodivergent Founder

✔️ Finance 101 for Startups

We also create programmes taking founders on a comprehensive action-based learning journey.

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Case Studies

Read about our work

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We were approached by Haringey Council to develop a comprehensive in-person programme aimed at empowering 22 local entrepreneurs, enhancing business resilience and promoting a circular economy. ​We designed a six-part interactive training course that provided training on pitching, communication, pricing and negotiating. Programme outcomes include 5 new hires, 7 businesses avoided closure and 8 new products and services were created as a result of the training and education they received on our programme.

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We partnered with Hatch Enterprise to develop an online educational programme aimed at assisting new business owners in gaining a comprehensive understanding of their businesses' financial requirements and making informed decisions. We crafted a four-part programme that delivered educational content and valuable resources across various key areas, including business planning, financial forecasting and freelancing success, and addressing challenges related to neurodivergence.
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AllBright reached out to us during the Covid-19 pandemic to collaborate on a digital programme, sponsored by Boots No.7, designed for women recently made redundant who were seeking financial confidence training and education. Together, we developed a six-part series titled 'Maximise Your Financial Potential', which was made accessible to the public. This programme centred on enhancing mental resilience and optimising and futureproofing personal finances.

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Moonpig got in touch to create a programme of financial wellbeing content for their employees. Moonpig were committed to providing education and supporting tools to help employees make smart financial decisions with confidence. We crafted a series of masterclasses. Topics included 'building financial resilience', 'preparing for homeownership' and 'beginners investing'. Our sessions were focused on attendee engagement, tackling financial blockers, and providing resources and signposting for ongoing support.

✨ We Have Awesome Clients

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"Firstly, a HUGE thank you for your time... the hybrid concept worked really well and we had some amazing feedback!"

Jade, Head of Marketing Ops & Demand

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"Thank you for being such a high-energy and engaging host. I learned a lot, thank you. Hopefully, FF will keep connecting with you guys and I'll see you soon."

Past Masterclass Attendee

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"The speaker was SO energetic and charismatic. He was super knowledgeable and explained things really well and in detail, but without being patronising or overwhelming."

Past Masterclass Attendee

"I think that the presenters were great. I learned a lot, especially because this area of finance is new to me. Even though I'm very organised with money, this is a different level!"
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Past Masterclass Attendee


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