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Business Mentoring

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We're told that...

We bridge the gap between you and your accountant

... and we think they're right!

Helping the financially flustered flourish

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Are you running a business but struggling with the finances? Unstable cash? Unable to pay yourself? Unsure of where the business is going?

Redesign how you do business.


Get money confident. Create a clear path to profit, increase revenue and simplify operations. We specialise in working with service-based and purpose-led businesses (including health, wellness and creative industries) owned by non-finance professionals.


Discover and reduce potential cash-related risks

Reduce the stress and worry of your bank balance going into the negative by building systems to prevent it.

Profit Maximisation

Identify opportunities to increase profit and grow

Uncover opportunities to increase profit using current assets and explore methods of diversifying income.

Operational Efficiency

Optimise the internal workings of the business

Refine internal systems and processes to save time and eradicate workflow duplication.

What We Mean Is...
Grow Your Business With Us 🚀

Our Services

The Restarter Biz 

4-Month Tailored Solution

This intimate solution sees you working through your financial blockers and creating personalised wealth-building systems and strategies - in both your business and personal life.

You'll get to the root causes of your challenges and transform problem areas. You'll build a personalised financial strategy that supports your plans and deep dive into our three-point business blueprint for financial resilience.

The Restarter Biz suits business owners who have identified that their relationship with money is hindering business growthYou'll work closely with Krystle to implement your game-changing plan.

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Strategy Sessions

2-Part Rapid Laser-Focused Solutions

If you have a specific need or time is not on your side, our Strategy Sessions are perfect. These tailor-made deep dives take you from being confused to a having blueprint with clearly defined steps to take you to the next level.

Past clients used these sessions to:

✔️ Create a business financial plan showcasing profit

✔️ Rebuild their pricing structure and win new business

✔️ Learn how to optimise profits with allowable expenses

✔️ Discover the must knows when starting a business

✔️ Identify and analyse profitable opportunities

You'll work with Krystle and other expert professionals over two sessions to achieve your goals.

We Have Awesome Clients

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"I've gone from 'I don't want to talk about it.' to being excited about sorting my finances. I am so much more confident! It was so worth it. My relationship with money started to change straight after the first session. I've unblocked so many things that I never thought were blocked."

Jodi, Consultant, UK

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"I felt an increase in my self-confidence - even if imposter syndrome crept in a few times - and my awareness and realisations about what I can accomplish definitely grew. I felt safe and comfortable to work on my finances, which made things so much easier."

Natasha, Agency Owner, UK

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"I learned so much from Krystle. She helped me create a plan for how to grow my business and connect with other professionals to help me on my journey.
It was time very well spent and such a pleasurable experience."

Jane, Business Coach, UK

Who We Work With

Established Businesses - StartUps - Aspiring Business Owners

We work with business leaders who do not have a finance background and require guidance to build a stable and thriving business.

Meet Your Business Adviser

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Our business mentoring services have been developed to identify the root of your challenges and help you get out of the financial rut you may be in.

Led by finance expert Krystle McGilvery, the sessions are easy to understand, safe (you won’t feel silly) and jam-packed with expertise - just read our reviews!

Krystle McGilvery has over a decade of experience in the finance industry, is an award winner, and has appeared on ITV, on BBC and in various papers. Krystle is a qualified Chartered Accountant, ILM Business Mentor, CBT Coach and Mental Health First Aider - you're in safe expert hands.

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