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Using Behavioural Finance  for radical improvement

We are proudly underpinned by finance and behavioural science. This grants us the power to dive deep into creating lasting financial behaviour change.


Supporting employees with their financial wellbeing and upskilling key staff members' finance capabilities are imperative for an efficient and productive business.


We follow our four-part SEEK Model to create lasting financial change both inside and outside the workplace. We deliver this through pre-packaged solutions, bespoke services, and one-off deep dives.

We take a playful, holistic, non-judgemental, open and honest approach to improve financial capabilities - ensuring everyone feels comfortable and engaged during the process.

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Our SEEK Model

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We use the SEEK Model as the foundation of our training and behaviour change process.

Our Ethos


Holistic Approach
We consider the non-traditional factors impacting financial wellbeing, such as psychological factors, emotions, learning style and behaviours.

Non-Judgement & Openness
We treat everyone respectfully and provide all with the space to 'figure things out' in their own time.

Interaction & Exploration
These open the door to deep learning and thought-provoking exploration, allowing for a deeper understanding of finance.

We're on a mission to Humanise Finance

We are Proud to Have Worked With

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