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For those seeking a deeper engagement beyond a single masterclass, we offer an array of structured programmes. While you can explore our predefined packages below, we also design customised programmes tailored to organisations and community groups, especially those supporting emerging entrepreneurs and individuals striving for financial resilience.


If you would like a bespoke programme designed for your organisation, please get in touch.

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Our curated programmes include key topics to bolster financial confidence and develop practical skills. Each programme includes live sessions, digital packs with signposting, tips and tricks, worksheets and tools. Additional sessions can be added to the programme to meet the unique needs of the group.

Finance 101 for Non-Finance Professionals

This series is ideal for employees across various sectors who encounter finance-related tasks but lack formal financial training. Covering fundamental finance concepts, embracing differences in decision-making and honing negotiation skills, it's perfectly suited for managers, account handlers and new charity trustees. The goal is to equip participants with essential financial understanding and skills, enhancing their effectiveness in finance-involved roles. The outcome is improved performance and confident handling of finance-related responsibilities.

Business Programmes (for Incubators, etc.)

Tailored for current and aspiring business owners, this six-part programme delivers practical insights into profitable business practices. It covers income diversification, effective pricing strategies, negotiation mastery and overcoming decision-making biases. Participants will learn to manage cash flow and build resilient business strategies. The outcome is a solid foundation for business growth and stability.

Corporate Financial Wellbeing Programme

Perfect for employees, this five-part programme offers sessions on essential personal finance skills. Topics include investing basics, financial planning, wealth optimisation and debt management. Participants will gain tools for financial resilience and savvy money management. The goal is to achieve personal financial stability and growth.

If you are seeking one-off or bespoke solutions, please visit our masterclass page using the link below.

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Haringey Council

We were approached by Haringey Council to develop a comprehensive in-person programme aimed at empowering local entrepreneurs, enhancing business resilience and confidence, and promoting a circular economy. ​We designed a six-part interactive training course that centres around identifying the specific needs within participants' businesses, creating actionable strategies for necessary changes, and building the confidence required to implement performance-enhancing measures.

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Hatch Enterprise

We partnered with Hatch Enterprise to develop an online educational programme aimed at assisting new business owners in gaining a comprehensive understanding of their businesses' financial requirements and making informed decisions. We crafted a four-part programme that delivered educational content and valuable resources across various key areas, including business planning, financial forecasting and freelancing success, and addressing challenges related to neurodivergence.

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AllBright x Boots No.7

AllBright reached out to us during the Covid-19 pandemic to collaborate on a digital programme, sponsored by Boots No.7, designed for women recently made redundant who were seeking financial confidence training and education. Together, we developed a six-part series titled 'Maximise Your Financial Potential', which was made accessible to the public. This programme centred on enhancing mental resilience and optimising and futureproofing personal finances.

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Moonpig got in touch to create a programme of financial wellbeing content for their employees. Moonpig were committed to providing education and supporting tools to help employees make smart financial decisions with confidence. 

We crafted a series of masterclasses including building financial resilience, preparing for homeownership and investing. Our sessions were focused on attendee engagement, tackling financial blockers and providing resources and signposting for ongoing support.

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"Firstly, a HUGE thank you for your time... the hybrid concept worked really well and we had some amazing feedback!"

Head of Marketing Ops & Demand

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