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Cost of Living Workshop

Q4 2022

Financial Confidence and Support

One of the most powerful gifts you can provide to support staff is financial confidence - studies found that financial confidence has a positive relationship with financial well-being.

During this workshop, employees are equipped with tools, tips, and resources* to soften the impact of the increased cost of living. The workshop includes more than cost-saving tips as we know that long-lasting financial improvement must incorporate psychological and behavioural factors.


The session will include topics such as:

  • How our environment has unknowingly influenced our behaviour

  • Addressing the biases that encourage unhelpful money choices

  • How to become financially savvy, reduce costs, and keep more


*Employees receive a summary pack with additional information and links to external resources.

The session can be delivered in conjunction with HR to include a segment on the employee benefits available.


Sessions are available online and in-person (UK only).

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