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Business Support

During the early stages of growing your business, a full-time Finance Senior may not be ideal. We provide a selection of support for those in the early stages of their business and those that are well-established. 

Support is available in the form of mentoring, and consultancy depending on your needs. Mentoring provides expert-led guidance, that helps you accelerate your skills and knowledge. Consulting offers direct advice, and analysis, and can provide solutions to your business challenges.

Who We Work With

Aspiring Founders

You may have a business idea that you would like to start, or are ready to start soon. The people that seek our support, are in need of business and finance guidance as they take the steps to bring their solution to life. Blockers and frictions you may be experiencing include, being unsure of how to get started, pricing your offer, or needing support from an experienced financially savvy business professional.

Existing Founders

You may already be running your business, alongside employment, and have plans to go full-time. Alternatively, you may be running your business full-time, as a solo founder, or in a small team, seeking financial support to improve income diversification, optimise operations or build financial plans for investment, for example. Founders tend to prefer our part-time finance and operations director offer.

How We Help You


Strategy Sessions

Often, a one-off session is all that is required to move you forward. The Business Support session has been provided for existing and aspiring founders to receive business guidance and support. Use the link below to find details about the session, what to expect, and how to prepare. 

Start-Up Session

For New and Aspiring Business Owners

This one-off session is suitable for those that are at the beginning stages of their business journey. You may not have fully formed your business idea, or have just started the business. This masterclass provides guidance and advice on the basics of starting a business. Common subjects include:

How to pay yourself

Business structure

Roles and responsibilities

A guide to using accountants

Business planning and cash management


and more.

Please send us an email and share what you need help with



For New and Established Business Owners

During the early stages of growing your business, a full-time Finance Senior may not be ideal. We offer bespoke financial support in the form of consultancy and part-time finance and operations director services, providing ongoing support during this crucial time. We can work together to create a working relationship that supports you and your business on a part-time basis.

Past clients use this service for assistance with the following:

Financial strategy and overseeing work of the accountant

Scenario planning and business planning

Identifying profitable opportunities

Preparation for pitching and seeking funding

General finance advisory

Support is available on a retained monthly fee, starting from 1 day a month.

Please use the form below to arrange a call to discuss

Businss Conact

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