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Financial Planner
  • Financial Planner

    Are you looking for the following?


    • To feel confident about your money?
    • Clarity about what is happening with your cash?
    • A financial plan breaking down how to buy the next big thing?


    Well, we've grouped together some of the tools that we use to help people build wealth and feel good and confident about money! Dive into what this pack can do for you.


    📽️ Watch the video here


    Benefits of This Pack

    Users have used these worksheets to:


    • Clear £8k worth of debt in nine months instead of the expected three years!
    • Save for and buy a home within one year - they started with no savings!
    • Pay off six out of 12 credit cards in 11 months (debt balance on day one was £45k). 
    • Reduce expenses by £500 immediately! That was a big one!


    What's included

    The pack includes the following:

    ✅Budget Tool

    Get clear and confident about your monthly income and expenses. This tab feeds into the 12-Month Financial Planner below and is the starting point for building a year-long strategy... (swanky)


    ✅12-Month Financial Planner

    This is the magic! Plan your finances for a FULL 12 months and know how much you can savespend and invest. Use this to build a debt-clearing plan or save for a big holiday! You'll be able to see what happens if you save an extra £50 per month or cancel a subscription, for example!


    ✅Net Wealth Tool

    This is NOT reserved just for the rich - you too have a net wealth! Calculate how much you are financially worth today and compare it month by month with the...


    ✅12-Month Net Wealth Tracker

    Now this baby allows you to compare your net wealth month by month! It is important for your net wealth to increase every month. This tracker allows you to do that, and identify where you need to make some tweaks to increase it going forward!


    ✅Debt Tracker

    This simple sheet allows you to total up all of your debts, and get a clear picture of where you stand. 🧍🏽Use this information to update the Financial Planner and create a debt-clearing strategy. Also, this is useful in identifying which debt to pay off first (largest balance or highest interest rate - each strategy has its benefits).


    ✅Homebuy Tool

    This worksheet allows you to calculate how much money you need to buy your home, when you could buy it by and how much you need to save each month to buy your home by a specific date. Use this excellent tool to start planning for homeownership.


    ✅Protection Assessment Tool

    Are you thinking about your financial future as well? Well, this worksheet allows you to get a clear picture of the value of your assets later on in life. Plan the wealth you will give to loved ones and identify the shortfall that could potentially be filled with insurance.


    🔗The Download

    We'll be forever be making tweaks, linking more of the tabs together and creating more accompanying videos! You'll receive the link immediately after purchase. Enjoy!


    Got questions?

    • Does it come with instructions? Yes! Each tab is accompanied by an instructions tab, with guidance on what each element of the sheet means. 
    • Do I need to be good at Excel to use this? Not at all! All the formulae have been created for you. All you need to do is plug some numbers in and let it do its magic!
    • Who created the worksheets? Fair question! These were curated by a team of qualified finance professionals (accountants, financial advisers). They use worksheets just like these to manage their own finances and regularly build bespoke tools for their clients too.
    • Can I get extra help? Yes, absolutely. We are always on hand. Ping us an email at or use the form on our contact page


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