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Breaking Financial Barriers: Success Stories That Inspire

Celebrating financial success

Robert Kiyosaki: "It's not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for."

Did you know that 78% of adults in the UK are struggling with some aspect of their financial lives? This staggering statistic highlights the need for effective financial coaching and mentoring. Here at Mind Over Money, we’ve witnessed incredible transformations through our programmes. Here are some real stories of clients who have turned their financial lives around with our help. (Names are changed for privacy.)

Real Financial Success Stories

✔️ Overcoming Financial Stress and Debt Management

Meet Sarah, a mother of three who approached us feeling overwhelmed and embarrassed by her financial situation. With £11,000 in debt and a £50,000 salary, she was avoiding her debt letters and felt incapable of buying property. Through our signature programme, The Restarter, Sarah:

A client sharing their financial successes
A client sharing their successes on Instagram

  • Cleared her debt in 11 months

  • Corrected lender errors and addressed unknown debts

  • Started saving for a property

  • Developed and managed a comprehensive financial plan

Outcome: Sarah now confidently tracks her finances and is on the path to homeownership. She shared "I never thought I could be this in control of my money."

✔️ Stopping Financial Drains and Increasing Income

Meet Emily, a health and fitness professional responsible for managing her household's finances but struggling with clarity and control. Through The Restarter, Emily:

  • Built a clear financial plan

  • Uncovered £500 in unnecessary expenses in just two weeks

  • Identified additional revenue streams from her self-employment

Outcome: Within six months, Emily was earning more money than she ever had before and felt immense clarity and control over her finances. She stated "I now have a clear vision for my financial future."

✔️ Building Financial Strategies and Achieving Property Goals

Meet Lisa, a mother and wife living day to day without financial clarity. She and her husband were spending excessively on food and felt buying a property was out of reach. After working with us:

  • Lisa built a financial strategy and identified unhelpful money habits

  • She and her husband developed new financial habits together

  • Within eight months, they had saved enough to buy a home

Outcome: Lisa now feels confident in her financial management and secured a new job thanks to her improved financial confidence.

A client sharing their financial successes
A client sharing her experience of our 4-hour Strategy Session

✔️ Building a Business Pricing Strategy

Meet Rachel, who struggled with pricing her services. She was not confident in her pricing strategy, which confused her clients. Through our coaching:

  • Rachel revised her service pricing from £1,000 to £3,500, with her clients readily accepting within two weeks

  • Another client revised her pricing from £600 to £3,000 for a full-day training session, which was signed off immediately

Outcome: Both now have a clear understanding of their business value and confidently articulate it to their clients.

Key Steps for Improving Your Relationship With Money

Build a Financial Plan

Outline your income, expenses and financial goals. This will provide clarity and direction. You may find our Financial Planner helpful.

Identify and Reduce Unnecessary Expenses:

Regularly review your spending to uncover hidden costs.

Increase Your Income Streams:

Look for opportunities to diversify your income, whether through side projects, freelance work or investing.


These stories demonstrate the power of financial coaching and mentoring. At Mind Over Money, we are dedicated to helping individuals and businesses achieve financial success. Ready to start your own transformation? Contact us today and take the first step towards financial clarity and confidence.


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